T26, after quick installation, unable to connect with admin account

Hi all,

To start from the factory configuration of my T26, I carried out a quick installation. At the end of this, the summary page displays, among other things, the new administration account name (‘admin’ in fact) and its password (the one entered during the quick install, I put the same as the one I had set before).

After restarting the T26, I couldn’t connect to the admin account. I’ve tried admin/my password, admin/meinsm, old admin account/my password, old admin account/meinsm, but nothing works.

Do you have any ideas? Thanks in advance for your answers.


Hello Daniel,

it would be good to know what you exactly have done (Factory Reset or a Autoconfiguration of the T26) and which accessories you have with the T26 like Bell RFID , Keypad?

Please check the steps in the follow video and Community reports in the meantime:

Thank you for your reply Jeorg.

I only have the T26 camera module, nothing else (no keypad…).

The action I took was to launch “quick install” from the “Administration” menu, selecting “erase current configuration”. At the end, I got the following summary where the password (which I’m hiding) is indeed the one I entered, but it doesn’t work.

I then redid an auto-config (stop/restart the T26, press the light button…) but without success either.


Hello Daniel,

sounds strange, anyhow you don´t know the password any longer of your camera. Next step is to request from the support@mobotix.com a password reset for this specific camera,

Bye Jörg

Yes, I know the password, but it’s not recognized, even though the quick install summary shows it to me (see my previous screenshot). I’m going to contact Mobotix.

Thanks again.