Any ideas how MxMC w/ S16 will fit entire screen in a video wall display?

Only option I come up with is to go back to MxCC in this instance. Any other idea’s will be helpful. Thks,

Can you please describe your request in more detail , in general you can switch each camera to a fullscreen mode. Of course you need to take care about the form factor of the image and monitor.
Please see a example of a MxMC fullscreen mode of a dual came S1x.

Hello and thank you for your reply,
Your example pic is a perfect example of the issue at heart. Full
screen mode isn’t actually full screen. The gray area above and below
the dual images seem to be permanent. I’ve been poking around with
this display in MxCC attempting unsuccessfully to fill entire screen.
It seems to me to be an aspect ratio issue within MxMC and MxCC, not
the brand new large flat screen TV and new computer. I can display
other single lens 6 series cameras entirely on the display. Any ideas
are appreciated, Sincerely, FPSN North
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Hello Phil

i would assume this would be same case with the MxCC, a 8:3 Format on a 4:3 monitor will produce gray area above and under the image.

In your case to avoid gray areas on the screen the aspect ration of the image must be the same as the aspect ratio of the Monitor itself.

for example Screen 4:3 and image 4:3…

You will face this issue for sure for the follow camera combinations:

— a camera with double image (8:3)

— a camera in the panorama Mode (8:3)

May you need to get in contact with our support to get a full picture of your issue and may they can give some smart recommendations

Bye Jörg

Are you trying to do a panoramic with the s16 modules? If so, then if you end up “stretching” the picture to fit the display, then would it then look abnormal? If you’re not doing pano, then maybe there is a way to make each module a separate view in mxmc. Hope this helps.

Thanks Jorg,
After talking to Mx support in MxMC you can display one lens of the
dual lens for the 4:3 aspect ratio and enter the same IP as separate
entry to again display only one lens for the 4:3 aspect ratio. I
believe this will solve my issue and will find out on Monday 3-31.
I’ll update my findings. Thanks again Jorg,
Phil in Ohio
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The S16 has one lens outside entry door and one lens opposite inside
the entry door. Your exactly right in MxMC I will add the same camera
to the camera list twice and in the MxMC display I will use the slider
to only display one lens at a time so I can get to the single lens 4:3
aspect ratio and a nice display. This should resolve my issue. I’ll
follow up with my results. Thanks again,

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