Full screen mode - display camera image completely or full screen

For optimal use of the display area of a smartphone, the available display area is used 100% for the camera image “borderless”.
In this “borderless mode”, the camera image is partially zoomed until the edge of the screen is covered and shown on the entire display. In this mode, the user can “wipe” the entire camera image or use “finger gestures” to zoom out completely, for example, to obtain the “full screen” of the camera.

This mode is ideal for panorama applications, as the image content is almost completely displayed in the landscape format of the smartphone.

This mode applies to all views, such as live, grid and playback.

If you want the camera to display the entire image == full screen as the default setting, you only need to set the “Show Full Screen” switch in the settings of the MOBOTIX LIVE APP accordingly.

The factory setting is “Show full screen” off == borderless zoomed display.