Mxmc display modes

Is anybody have an issue with saving display modes?

In MXMC, Version 2.1, when saving a display mode (pressing and holding appropriate mode icon once positioned) I cannot not get the view to save. I am using a Q26 and if I switch to an alternate camera and back it reverts to full view and I have to use the slider to reselect the desired display mode.

According to the on-line 2.1 manual, it suggests that “The selection of a display mode is always done locally and thus does not influence the camera settings. However, the selection is also applied to the other program views. When selecting a display mode in the live view for a specific camera, this mode is also applied if the camera shows up in the focus window of the Grid view as well as in the live images of the Graphic view. Consequently, the alarm images in the Alarm bar and in the Research view are also shown in the selected display mode.”

Yet when I move the focus to an alternate camera or an alternate view (example grid) it always reverts to full image view. I don’t recall having this problem with previous versions.