API to create usernames/passwords and roll passwords

I’m looking to see if there is a way to use the API to create a username, and/or change an existing usernames password. We have nearly 1,000 cameras fielded in remote locations and are looking for a way to roll the passwords every 60-90 days. Hoping there is an API call that can perform this.

with mx Hub (Milestone ) is it very easy

Thanks Stefan. We’re unable to use the 3rd party software to do this… What we need is to be able to have our users change the password one time on our server back in the office, then our code will spend the next month trying to reach all the sites and push those password updates out to each camera. We have like I said, nearly a 1000 cameras and very often have trouble with sites that are down due to local power outages, comm outages, etc. In some cases for weeks at a time. So we need to be able to script this through a program like Ansible to perform the updates.

Thanks again for the reply. Still looking for a larger scale version that we can use in our system.

you can make a script with the api from Mobotix