How to reset password In Bulk

How to reset password In Bulk


I am using MxMC for bulk stuff and I do not know if there is any faster way but here we go…

We are setting password for one camera and then start bulk copying settings to other cameras.

But before you do any changes, make sure you backup your configuration and passwords

  1. Change and store the password of one camera via MxMC (Go to “View > Configuration > Users & Groups”)
  2. After that you can click on the “User name” field and you shuld see “Definitions” on the right side in “Cameras & Settings” menu.
  3. Drag and drop all cameras into the new Definition which should already have camera with changed password in it.
  4. Apply and store. Done!
    4.1. You may need to change passwords in MxMC to gain back the connection to the cameras before or after storing the configuration.