Mobotox C26 Authentication issue when connecting to file server

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hope everyone is keeping safe, complete newbie to the site.
I have the same issue as the below:
Problems with SMB / User or password might be wrong - Camera Software / Administration - MOBOTIX Community

I am unable to reply to this post and I cant seem to find any other posts on this.
I am using the exact method, username and password as my older cameras and they are working fine, its on the C26’s giving me this error.

Camera info:

Product Type:

Serial Number:

Ethernet Hardware Address:

Factory IP Address:

Camera Code:

File System:

Creation Date:
2018-07-11 09:46:12 CEST

Initial Size:
65320 KB

ActiveX Version:

Fileserver Test Log
Note: There is no output in the main window while the test is running! Starting File Server Test.

Trying to mount “camera” on “” using “CIFS” as user “mobotix”.
Failed to mount directory/share.
Error: 6
The user name or the password is not correct!

Test result:
The file server is NOT usable!

Your username or password from the NAS has not been entered correctly in the settings. A user with write rights must be entered there who is allowed to access the directory on the NAS.

Hi there, the credentials are correct- I used the exact same creds on 60 other Mobotix cameras, I’m only having an issue with the latest C26 cameras added

based on this post, there could be an issue with the software etc?
Problems with SMB / User or password might be wrong - Camera Software / Administration - MOBOTIX Community

I would update the firmware to the latest version and see if that would help. Also resetting the section configuration to factory defaults and redoing them can help. Especially if the configuration has been done by copying from another camera / fw version.

good morning
thank you i will try the firmware again today, I have had challenges upgrading the software though, Can I go ahead and update with the latest from my current version are do I need to “catch up” on other older versions ? i didn’t copy configurations from other cameras


Since you’re still configuring system, go ahead and update to version you need - you’ll need to configure the camera once it’s updated. And don’t forget to reformat SD after update. It’s not in release notes, but there are some incompatibilities between old and newer fw versions.