Camera Manager - a tool for managing the cameras in a project

Camera Manager - a tool to manage the cameras in the project.

With the Camera Manager, many tasks related to camera maintenance can be carried out conveniently. The administrator selects the cameras concerned and chooses the appropriate action, e.g. firmware update.

The Camera Manager is not only a useful tool during commissioning, but also in the regular use of the already installed system. Things like a regular firmware update are not only relevant for troubleshooting and the latest security adjustments, but usually also provide new functions.

In the Camera Manager, we have now combined all relevant tools in one screen that make the work of a system administrator much easier. At regular intervals, the expired SSL certificates of the cameras can be replaced with valid certificates with just a few clicks.

The following functions are available:

  • Reboot
  • Backup Config
  • Upload Backup Config
  • Firmware Update
  • Camera Factory Reset
  • Open HealthCheck
  • Open Secure System
  • Doorstation Configuration
  • SSL Certificate management
  • Camera Configuration

Main Parts of the Dialog:

Where is the Camera Manager located:

New Toolbar options for Update , HealthCheck and further more:

Example for Update Cameras:

Example for HealthCheck:

Former Camera Settings are now available in the Camera Manager:

Wizard & Tools now in the Toolbar of the Camera Manager:

Project Documentation - Export as CSV File:
For documentation or especially for project handover to the customer, it is possible to export the table with cameras, IP, firmware version etc. as a CSV file.