MxMC Version 2.7.1 - New Features

The new MxMC version 2.7.1 service release helps the administrator to manage the system better and offers some basic optimisations of the application in the course of the service release.

These include the following functions:

  1. SD Card Camera Manager for Bulk Format of SD Cards.
  2. Enhanced user rights for the Alarm Bar
  3. GDPR privacy enhancement - user can specify reason for use when logging in
  4. Improvement in the area of Smart Data sources (optimised operation)
  5. Configuration of SNMP traps for Mx7 cameras
  6. Update preview image in Camera Manager
  7. Optimised configuration of soft buttons (sorting and multiple selection)

SD Card Camera Manager:
This SD Card feature has been added to the Component View.

The user can comfortably carry out the SD card of the selected cameras with just a few clicks. A complex path via the camera web interface is no longer necessary. The user can select the desired cameras in the list and then initiate the SD card formatting. The following formatting options are available:

  • Quick Format - For a quick formatting of the SD card (standard recommendation).
  • Secure Format - For a thorough formatting of the SD card (only if the standard formatting fails).
  • Quick Format with MxAnalytik Volume - Creates an additional storage area for analytics data from the camera (only required when using statistical camera analytics such as people counting or heatmap).

Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 15.37.34

A very useful project tool for the following use cases:

  • When many cameras are equipped with a newer larger SD card.
  • Due to the maintenance schedule of the SD card in the project, the SD card has to be replaced by the partner after reaching the wear-out limit.
  • If for data protection reasons the data of all SD cards must be deleted before the project is handed over.

In the standard delivery of the MOBOTIX IOT cameras, the SD cards are already ready for use and do not need to be formatted.

SD Cards Formatting Progress Indicator:

SD Card Manager supports the following camera families:

  • MOBOTIX IOT P3 (e.g. M15,S15, Q25 etc.)
  • MOBOTIX IOT P6 (e.g. M16,M26, Q26 etc.)
  • MOBOTIX IOT P7 (e.g. M73,S274,P71 etc.)

Extended user rights for the Alarm Bar

The administrator now has further authorisation options for the user. With the rights for the Alarm Bar, it can be determined which alarms are received by the Alarm Bar and can be displayed to the user. Previously, every incoming alarm type was displayed to every user in the Alarm Bar, now a distinction can be made depending on the alarm type (which event type triggered the alarm). In the user configuration, the event types that the user is allowed to see in the Alarm Bar can now be defined in the Event Processing section.

In this example, the user would be limited to the following event types in the Alarm Bar.

GDPR privacy extension - user can specify reason for use when logging in

The use of video surveillance requires a high level of data protection for the user and operator, which thrives on the transparency of the system. When did who use the video management system and for what purpose. In the MxMC, we already offer a variety of possibilities to document or secure every step of the user in the system with the action log and the multiple-eye principle. By specifying the reason for logging in, the log of the action log is expanded. In the current version, the user can specify a reason for using the VMS during the login process. The data protection officer can subsequently check whether the system was only used for the intended purpose.
Important: This requires a password to be created for the user in question!

Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 16.36.36

Action Log:

Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 16.32.55

Configuration - SNMP Traps
In the Monitoring section of the View > Configuration > Recording dialog, there are now options for setting SNMP traps for Mx7 cameras.

Screenshot 2023-04-18 at 08.30.51

Camera Manager
In the View > Components > Cameras dialog the Refresh preview image function is now also applied to several previously selected cameras, thereby updating their preview image.

In the Softbuttons tab of the View > Components dialog, the Softbuttons can now be sorted by name. In addition, several soft buttons can be selected and deleted at the same time.