Cannot open anymore the door with phone in intercom mode


The question is in English but I can also happily understand replies in German .

I have a T24-PoE + keypad + Doormaster + Grandstream.

Durong the last software upgrade, after the camera upgrade, the Dorrmaster upgrade via the MXbus reported an error and was subsequently bricked.
I have had to replace the Doormaster and reconfigure from scratch, as all attempts to restore a backup resulted with MXbus encryption issues.
I have gone to the Quick Setup (holding the Bell key after a Power cycle) and everything is back into service.

I have a frontdoor lock, operated via relays. Works fine, and the DM opens the door.

I am registered with a SIP provider, in order to be able to ring different persons via their mobile phone (and not via an application), depending upon a destination code typed at the keypad.

In the Call Profiles, the phone number is associated with the SIP provider, SIP Audio, Intercom, and Camera Remote Control is set to On.

However when the user types “1#” on their mobile phone keypad, the door does not open. It worked in the past before the reconfiguration.

The Grandstream phone opens the door with keypad 1.
So I know it has to work.

How can I troubleshoot it ?

Thank you for your advices

Brussels, Belgium

OK, found. The setting was here. (did it exist in the previous software release ?)