T26: Button > sip call


we’ve got a new T26 setup but i cant get the button working.
I want to make a sip call to a ring group when the button is pressed.
The sip part is working, when i test the sip config via the webgui i receive the call.
But it’s not clear to me how you should setup the button part.
I tried everything i could find in the manual and this forum without succes.
1 time i did get the action event in de log with the button pressed but then the internet was down, so no sip call was possible.

Can i get clear instruction on how to setup the button part?
Al also did a upgrade to the latest firmware, but no change after that.

Also when i press the button sometimes the T26 begins to read the netwerk info: ip, mac etc. Is that normal?

Thank you in advance.

Hello Sam,

from your description i am thinking you skipped the initial automatic configuration bit.
This is important in order to make the camera behave as a door station. Usually there is a red piece of paper in every package stating this fact.
Please reset the camera in the admin menu, and then follow these steps: