Replace Door Station camera Keeping original Keypad, BellRFID, and or DoorMaster

This procedure is intended to save time when replacing a defective but still accessible Door Station (T24, T25, or T26) that has encrypted MxBus modules such as the Keypad, Bell RFID, and Door Master with a replacement Door Master.
It is important to follow the order of the steps in order to ensure that the encryption is with the modules is correctly restored.
This procedure will save you the time of running the normally required Auto Configuration procedure.

First back up the MxBus Modules and camera configuration on the original system.

  1. On the page Admin Menu > Hardware Configuration > Manage MxBus Modules click Advanced Backup and Restore

  2. For each Module select Backup, the module, and Complete. Then click Backup. The .tar file is save in Downloads folder

  3. Go to Admin Menu > Configuration > Save to back up the camera configuration. This will also be saved to Downloads folder.

  4. Once again go to Admin Menu > Hardware Configuration > Manage MxBus Modules and click on Reset MxBus Modules. Select the modules to reset

    and when finished the modules should now be “Addressable”

    Now you can replace the Door Station camera with the new one. Be sure to connect the MxBus modules as well before applying power. Autoconfiguration is not necessary if you follow these steps.

  5. Connect to the new Door Station either on the Factory Default or DHCP provided IP address. When prompted set the Admin Password. If the configuration wizard appears click “Skip”.

  6. On the page Admin Menu > Hardware Configuration > Manage MxBus Modules first complete any module firmware updates indicated. When this has been completed click Advanced Backup and Restore

  7. This time select Restore and select the previously backup .tar file. Upload the

    file and again select Complete for the Data type. Click Restore.

  8. The status at this point may not be correct. You may see Invalid Encryption or the module may not be in Classic Mode. No problem we will correct this with the next step.

  9. From Admin Menu > Configuration > Load select the camera configuration file and click upload.

  10. Select the option for Completely Replace the Current Configuration and click Merge. Click on the link to store the configuration on the next page. If the config file changes the admin password you will now be prompted to login with that password. Store Permanently and reboot when requested.

  11. Check the status of the MxBus Modules and now they should be in Classic Mode and Running