Cannot playback and show error message "Invalid MxFFS path"

Good day,
I’m using MxMc software version 1.8.1 and found this error Invalid MxFFS path for “C31-ServerRoom”


            Then I check my setting on recording path and it was collect. ![record_path|645x499](upload://4760Xiv8RAVWLIRHV7uDaoOUWcB.jpeg) ![storage%20setting_1|564x476](upload://lK7Tdg3AwzO8CTYFZPhCBsQPNwM.jpeg) 

             May I know how to solve this problem?


one reason for that error message can be that you try to access an MxFFS archive, which is encrypted and in MxMC you have defined no or a wrong encryption key. for the access.


I too have had this error come up, I don’t have an encryption key and still get it on isolated cameras. What am I missing here? Thanks.

Hello there.

Here is the solution:
(Assume you set the configuration on the camera with no Encryption Key.)
Set the primary target to SD Flash Card or Buffered MxFFS, Then Archive target to SMB/CIFS for example.
In the field of Archive size, enter a number for amount of space for Archiving; BUT this number must be a multiple of 4GB.
Other settings are up to your project plan.
Press the Set button and Store the configuration on Camera Flash and then Reboot the camera.

Follow the link below:

Now in MxMC, enter the Edit mode and by right-clicking on that specific camera, check that the camera has found its own folder on the File Server Path. (There should be some recording by camera to create the folder on File Server in order to archive the recordings there.)

And now playback the recording.

That’s all!

// Just checked today (2020-March-04) and no errors or problems.

// Special thanks to Mx-Support: Bruno Ambrosio


@mreza.zafari Question with respect to the following

…Archiving; BUT this number must be a multiple of 4GB.

Is this due to the assumed size of the SD Card?
and if so, if we have a 128GB card, the archive size should reflect increments of 128, yes?

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