How to Define a Direct File Server Path in MxMC (v2.0.1 and Below)


By default, playback and export of recordings in MxMC is “Via Camera”. This means that MxMC must request the recorded data from the camera, which in turn then accesses the recording from the file server. By defining a direct recording path, MxMC can retrieve the recorded data directly from the file server.

By removing the camera as a “middle man” there is a vast impact on reducing the processing load on both the camera and MxMC. This equates to a drastic improvement in performance and stability of the complete system.

1. Defining the Recording Path in MxMC

File > Preferences > Recording Paths

Make sure to specify the main folder where all the cameras are recording to.
For example, if the cameras are recording to the share folder called “Mobotix” on a NAS with IP address, here is how you should configure MxMC:

Note: user name and password are the ones used be the cameras to access the share folder.

2. Configure the right path for all the cameras

From the main view of MxMC, click on the lockpad located in the bottom right corner of the device bar (left vertical pane). Click on a camera and CTRL+Click or ALT+Click to select multiple cameras; then right click on a camera to open the “Properties” dialog and select “Recording Settings > NAS”.

The software will automatically assign the right folder to each camera.

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