Recording setting ---> Device Directory is empty

During the integration of MOVE or ONVIF S cameras in the MxMC you can assign to each camera to the corresponding recording path of the MOBOTIX NAS.
In the Camera settings of the MxMC you can set up under Recording Settings by choosing the Recording Path. The next step happens automatically and the the Device Directory will be filled with the correct Device IP of the camera. If this NOT happens and the cameras and the MOBOTIX NAS setup is correct. Please check if you have any disconnected cameras in the MOBOTIX NAS configuration --> dialog Configuration Settings.
The MOBOTIX NAS is in such case not able to deliver in time the information for the Device Directory of the MxMC (Timeout).

Empty Device Directory:

MOBOTIX NAS Camera Settings with disconnected cameras (recording stopped)

Normal behavior of the Device Directory

Thank you very much for a good overview, helping out with trouble shooting. In my case, I have a NAS Synology 1817+ with 7 x 3TB WD in RAID5, which reads and writes quite fast. I took the advice to specify the recording path to the NAS, MxFFS and it appears that the recording works reasonably well (I still do not get 6MP, JPEG 60% with 6fps, but rather less than 6fps). However when trying to view the playback using Grid view, I get path error on all 5 cams. As I try to specify the parth, the following occurs:

  • when I try to specify MxFFS, then the path remains empty
  • when I specify MxFileServer, then the right path can be chosen. But even then, I could not make MxMC remember the path. As soon as I change to view a different cam and come back to the one, which path I have specified, then again it complains that the path is unknown / unvalid.
  • even when I have specified MxFileServer and found the right path, the Alarm icon sequence remains empty. However, I am able to view the recorded alarm sequences. It is just the overview, which is missing.

What should I do to correct the problem, so I can permanently specify the right reading path to my NAS and be able to see an overview of the alarms?

Hello Martin
The original POST was about the specific connection between a MOBOTIX NAS with special ONVIF S recording software for ONVIF S cameras such as our MOVE series.
In your application, only IoT cameras such as M15, M16, Q24, etc. are used with the direct recording method of the IoT camera models (also known as decentralized MOBOTIX recording). In your case, it would first be necessary to clarify which recording variant is used in the IoT cameras. In other words, in what format do the IoT cameras store the data on the Synology NAS? (Prerequisite: network share in CIFS format for the cameras).
There are two possible MOBOTIX file formats:

  • MxFFS
  • MxFileserver

Depending on the settings in the camera, the corresponding format must be selected in the MxMC (the formats are not compatible with each other!).

  1. check which recording format is used in the cameras
  2. set up the NAS as a “network share” in the mxMC under the “Components” menu
  3. select the recording path and format in the specific camera settings of MxMC.
  4. the device directory is usually determined automatically
    After that the direct file server playback should be supported in all playback modes.

Hello Mx-JoergS,

Many thanks for your kind reply and for your recommendations. Meanwhile, I was able to solve the issue by the method you had subsequently suggested.

With kind regards, Martin

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