Okay I just switch to MxManagementCenter No Playback

All my cams are hook up to a NAS. I transferred my config file from MxControlCenter to MxManagementCenter. All Mobotix cams come up but no Playback.When Trying to play back there’s a slash on cam.

you have to check if the registration path is correct as well as the password then check if you are remote or local

All paths are correct and passwords. I am on local. Seem all the cams that I am recording on SD playback fine, cams connected to NAS doesn’t work.

Thank you

apart from a bad configuration I think that the password indicated to the camera for recording is not the same as that recorded on the NAS

It’s the same config as the one I had on ControlCenter How could it be wrong

okay I got you My paths are fix Network Share. Gettin Invalid MxFFs Path.

Okay I did it thanks. Got it to Playback. Now I am working on the Mobotix Move Cam, if i want play the move on the SD card do I have to put it on thinclient.