Cannot scale Thermal Overlay

The Thermal Overlay can be scaled under Thermal Image Settings. However, the smallest value is 500.

Please see attached picture. How can I line-up the two pictures if I cannot make the Thermal Overlay any smaller.

Thanks in advance for the community’s help.

jimmie, can you send some screen shots of your settings windows?

Hello Jimmie,
For best results in overlay, the firld of view of both the “Optical” and the thermal sensor should match as close as possible.
The Image shows the field of view of the thermal sensor stops at the front door of the car and can not show anything further to the left of the scenery. This might be from using a smaller view angle in the thermal sensor than in the optical one.

Check the camera info to find out the exact sensors field of view.
Tip: Using MxMC configuration tool, configuring the overlay is much more convinient then on the cameras web-interface: