M15 Thermal Reference WIndow

Hi all,

Recently updated 24 M15 cameras to v4.7.2.35-r1 and noticed there is now Thermal Reference Window options under the Environment Events.
I have previously used Thermal Spotmeter to monitor a point in conjunction with a 300 array Video Minefield with Thermal Sensor Range of 420 - 430 to give a ‘black’ view until a high temp/fire causes a bright pixel and triggers the event… also used this with a delay to ignore a vehicle passing with hot exhaust ie dozers.

While this works ok, calibration and distances make it a custom set up for each location and as things move from time to time it needs setting up again…

So, seeing the Thermal Reference Window option where a single pixel in the whole measurement area can trigger the event when over a trigger temperature, that appeals greatly!

However, I can set the Measurement Area and the Reference Area and see triggers but what is it triggering at?? ie the Comparision is ‘Higher then’ but higher than by what amount?? The online help suggests a value but there is no setting for it… I would hope it’s like for example, you have the Reference Area and then if any pixel in the Measurement Area is 30oC higher then you trigger.
If I set Action Type to Every I get constant triggering (after Event Dead Time) so the comparison must be very small???

Also noted if I set it to Percent rather than One Pixel, I can crash the camera!!

Are there any reference documents on utilising Thermal Reference Window and/or has anyone used it and how :slight_smile:

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Hello Dave!

I can see that this is one of your first posts, so welcome to the MxCommunity forums!

Yes, the Thermal Reference Window feature allows you compare temperature of an area that you specify vs. the Thermal Spotmeter (centre of thermal image).

However, with the standard Thermal models (Non-TR) these will only accurately measure temperature in the exact centre of the thermal screen (Spotmeter). The thermal reference window feature was added as a way of monitoring other areas not covered by the spotmeter. Unfortunately there is no exact values configurable for the thermal reference windows as this model was only designed to measure temperatures that are within the spotmeter’s view.

There is however the TR Models which will allow you to trigger an alarm event based on a single pixel reaching a specified temperature with up to 20 configurable zones!

If you require any further information, you may contact me directly,
I hope this helps!

Thanx Justin, appreciated.

For the rest of the Community or someone in the future asking a similar question…

How would the Thermal Reference WIndow be used on a M15 camera ie not using an accurate temperature like the spotmeter, but to have a relative area, I’m still thinking there should be a trigger vaslue of some sort ie reference area average value is say 100; trigger value is say 200 so if somewhere in measured area (or average of that are) is 200 then you’d trigger…
Is that how it works and if so how to set trigger - or - if not how it works, then how does it work :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention, further detail on M15 cameras, they are M15D-Sec-Thermal

Thanx again,