Can't get D15 cameras to reboot

We have several D15 cameras that won’t reboot. I am trying to store a new configuration and get to the last step where it needs to reboot. When I click “Reboot now”, the camera acts like its rebooting, but I never lose ping and when the page automatically reloads there is still a warning about needing to store and reboot to apply new config.

Any help is appreciated.

hello @jtbis ,

did you try to use another browser or clean the browser cache?
did you try to reboot the cameras via MxMC?


I have the same issue with a S15 (firmware The camera doesn’t reboot: used Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and MxMC (2.6.1) but current uptime stays at 178 days 18:36:43 … Firmware upgrade doesn’t work ? Updated storage parameters are not applied.

Any help is welcome.

Hello All,

under some circumstances one or more processes on the camera might be unreponsive to requests from other processes.
Usually, this indicates a high processor load or some issue with one or more of the cameras functions.
The only way to reboot a camera in such a state is to unpower it.

The camera should always show a preview of the network connection settings after the reboot. In some cases, it can mention there is no IP address after reboot and the camera will not be recheached.
It will then refuse to reboot. In those cases, enter the Network settings in Admin Menu.

  • Take notes of the current settings and reset them factory defaults.

  • Re-apply the former data and store the configuration.

  • Then try the soft-reboot again.

Should both methods fail, contact your dealership or distributor for help.
As a registered MOBOTIX Partner, contact MOBOTIX Support under the known email address.