Capturing a Stream from the Mx4/5 Cameras

The Mx4/5 family of cameras (D14, M25, T24 etc) will not be able to stream with the H.264 Protocol and they are not ONVIF complaint.

There is a possibility to stream with Motion JPeg over RTSP which will work with many NVR and VMS systems.

In order to make that capability available first update the firmware of the cameras to r1 or later.

Then enable this in Admin Menu > Camera Administration > Integration Protocols

check the box for Genetec Integration and click Set. In firmware version and later you can alternatively enable the RTP Server as well.

You will now see the available streams but you will need to store and reboot in order to use them.

The first MJPeg stream will then be available using the URL

rtsp://Camera IP:554/stream0/mobotix.mjpeg

Credentials can be added to the stream using this format:

rtsp://user:password@Camera IP:554/stream0/mobotix.mjpeg

  • Replace “Camera IP” with the URL or IP address of the camera