Q25/C25 with Luma/Hikvision NVR - RTSP stream

Looking for a little help. I have some older Q25 and C25 cameras that I’m trying to get the rtsp stream from into a Luma NVR (basically a Hikvision)

I’ve set up the Custom protocol in the NVR: RTSP port 554 and stream /stream0/mobotix.mjpeg

Upgraded Firmware in cameras to most recent available.
I have enabled RTP server in Integration protocols, but not changed anything else.

The cameras say they are online in the NVR, but I don’t have any image. I’m not too familiar with this brand so any advice gratefully received.


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Screenshot 2021-06-16 14.34.10

I have the same problem with Mobotix T25M. I set up the RTSP with MJPEG but I’m not able to add it to my Hikvision NVR.
Is there a solution??
Please help

I’ve not found a solution yet, still looking for help!

@functioncontrol @daniele.alimenti

does the stream provided by the camera work in VLC Player? If the answer is yes you need to ask the NVR manufacturer for more infos.