Continuous Snapshot Recordings?

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Is there anyway to get Continuous Recordings to store images as snapshots or single jpgs, rather than an event stream? 12 Snapshots a second?
Currently on an S16 configured to record continuous @ QXGA and we are getting 1fps at all times. The AS windows are enabled, active and the frame rate is selected at Max fps.

Ideally, I would like to record always at an increased the frame rate.

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You could use FTP for separate snapshot jpeg “stream”. But the size/length of ftp archive won’t be managed by the camera. But it depends on your scenario if this is useful.

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This would be useful, assuming the FTP delivered images would be cataloged and searchable via timeline.
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Then you can use this feature by selecting one of example ftp profiles (closest would be FTP-Archiving) as streaming ftp profile.

It will then store images in nested catalogue ($(TEXT.FTPDIR) and assign unique file names ($(TEXT.FTPFILE).jpg).

It won’t be searchable and it won’t achieve 12fps. Basicly you’ll have to use file explorer to find image that you want.

If you want higher frame rates for continious recording, disable all events, full image recording, integration protocol section, and make sure that the camera is set to poe class 3. It should be able to provide 25fps@normal image quality and ~20fps@high image quality assuming shutter speeds (illumination) allows that.

@Andrius you are a Beast! A thousand Thank You’s for such detail.

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