T26 phone call on bell press

Hi all,
My new T26 works find with MxMC on a PC as a remote station. (door Bell reaches well on PC).
I have configured a SIP client and a outgoing call.
Test on outgoing call is ok.
In Bell behavior, I’m triying to call my outgoing call number referenced.
I tried it to ways :

  1. Directly puting Outgoing call profil in the remote stations fo door station
  2. Configure phone call fallback on a remote station closed (MxMC on a PC).
    None of these config made the call.
    Note that I’m using “concierge/api/rpc/ring_at?iowire=MainBell” to try it.
    Any suggestion ? Did I miss someting ??

I assume that you have the call profile assigned to a signal phase in remote stations? If you can send in a camera report file to support, one of the support technicians will be able to take a look at it and see what is wrong. The camera report file can be found in Admin Menu->Download Support Information (make sure all of the boxes are ticked).