T26 Door Station - Incoming Call Alert options?

Good day,
We have an issue with MxMC (v2.6) and T26 (v.

When the Bell button is pressed, there is a pop-up window, that is centered within the MxMC window; despite size, and is blue. This PopUp obscures the center of Image, where people tend to stand.


This popup could not be moved or otherwise and we would like to have it gone if possible. We tried togging the Mx\MC pref’s, - no luck.

As a work around we tried an IP Notify msg found in this community, and it too, enabled the the unwanted pop up.

I would not mind setting it so, the IP Notify triggers VA Alarm, Call to PC and audible tones at both ends of the call. In doing this, would the call be disrupted to Mobile Apps?

Kind Regards,