Configuring a BellRFID to trigger a call using MxMessageSytem


In large installations (such as Campuses, Apartment Blocks, Factories, Hospitals etc), there is often a requirement for more Bell Buttons then the maximum 5 that one BellRFID can provide. We can add more Bell Buttons by adding more BellRFIDs and using MxMessageSystem to call the required devices.

Please Note:

MxBus has a 2.5W limit and each BellRFID has a typical power consumption of 1W. In order to overcome this restriction, you can connect additional BellRFIDs to other cameras and utilize MxBus’s 50m maximum wiring distance and the ability to send MxMessages across the same subnet.

Alterantively you can use a Mx-BPA-Box with a 12 - 48 V DC powwer source to add more MxBus RFID Modules to a single camera.

1. Admin Menu > Manage MxBus Modules

  • Ensure the BellRFID is in “Non Classic Mode” and it is “Running”

2. Admin Menu > Network Distribution of Messages


  • Ensure that “Networking” is enabled

3. Admin Menu > Message Configuration for MxBus Modules

  • “Load configuration of connected devices”

  • Edit Messages

a. Create MxMessage (e.g. BellButton) and set to Global

Note: The MxMessage needs to match exactly through the process

b. BellRFID > Button 1 > Add > MxMesage created above (i.e. Button_1)

  • Use the “Add” Softbutton to create the number of required Bell Buttons

  • Each Bell Button will require its own unique MxMessage

  • Buttons 1-5 will be on the first BellRFID

  • Buttons 6-10 will be the second BellRFID

c. Write to Configuration


4. Admin Menu > Bell Behavior and Video Mailbox

  • “Door Station Bell Sound” checked and a sound profile selected in the drop down menu (Most people use DoorBell)

  • Ensure required devices are populated in “Remote Stations for Door Stations”


  • Bell Messages: Create a new Bell Message and add the Message created previously (E.g. Button_1)

  • Ensure the Bell Message is set to “Global” in the drop down menu


  • In Per-Addressee Settings create an Addressee for each Bell Button

  • Note: All settings below the Per-Addressee Dialog only pertain to that Addressee


  • Assign Bell Button / Contact Number highlight Message (e.g. BellButton) in the Bell Mesages dialog


  • Create a Call Profile (such as Ring or Ring only)


  • Highlight the required devices in the Signaling Phase
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