S74 multiple sensor streams to Synology Surveillance Station

I just got a brand new S74 - my first Mobotix - and I’m struggling with getting separate streams from the two sensor modules.

Meanwhile I read the following articles:
Independent Dual Streams from Mobotix Cameras
Dual Streaming Thermal and Optical with FW

But when I follow these instructions, I only get corrupt streams. The image of one sensor (which is rotated by 180 degrees) is flipping at high speed, the privacy mask on the other sensor is constantly switching on an off. As as result, the image of both sensors is completely useless.

Is this behaviour result of a firmware bug or would I have to disable any processing in the camera and leave all to Surveillance Station?

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why don’t you use the integration onvif option for that in Synology you then ad the camera as a onvif camera.

in admin menu look for √Integration Protocols

Well, that’s what I did - the camera is currently setup via ONVIF - but not in RAW mode as described in the other posts. Doing so works fine but I get both sensor images side-by-side. Switching to RAW mode to get two separate “cameras” provides stream1 for the right sensor and stream2 for the left one (just as described) - but the image has the described problems. The originally rotated image from one sensor is flipping so fast you don’t see anything. And the privacy mask on the other sensor switches on and off.

Hi Sorry didn’t read the question compleet the dual lens S74
I now from the S16 that the image was always 2 in 1 stream and then you can make 2 different streams
I did this for 2 streams in my M73

I think if you want to make a stream for your thermal camera and your normal camera that you have to make 2 camera’s in Synology
1 with the onvif stream 1
1 with the onvif stream 2

and make them smaller so first try Vga and then ad a step till it goes wrong

I already created two cameras for the streams in Surveillance Station. It’s not that it does not work at all - it’s the quality of the resulting streams. The rotated image from left sensor (4K Day/Night DN100) is flipping from 0 degree to 180 degree at high speed and the privacy mask of the right sensor (4K Day/Night DN040) is turning on and off every few seconds.

I think it is either a bug in the firmware or things like privacy mask and image rotation need to be disabled in raw mode - rendering many of the cameras advantages useless…

try the new firmware then MX-V7.3.2.92

u can use iMessages to make messages available as a trigger in `Synology

First of all, I guess the posted link was intended to have a different receiver, right? Yet interesting, I see no relation to the stream config…

I just updated to firmware MX-V7.3.2.92 and switched to raw mode again. The rotated left sensor does no longer flip but has similar problems like the right sensor. This one still shows the privacy area turning on and off automatically. When I reduce the resolution to 640 x something, I see less artifacts but they still exist. So, I guess the firmware update improved the situation but it is still not really working.