Independent Dual Streams from Mobotix Cameras

The question often arises on how to independently stream the image from cameras with two images particularly in the case when the image sensors may have completely different views such as with the S16 and S74 or flex mount cameras. In certain cases, this is possible with some limitations.

Mx7 cameras

This is possible with the S74 or M73 cameras but currently (firmware only in the case when the camera has two 4K (8MP) optical image sensors installed. This will not work if a Thermal Sensor, 12 MP, or 4 MP sensor is installed in the camera.

This is configured in Admin Menu > Camera Administration > Integration Protocols

The RTP integration must first be enabled. After setting and storing you can then set the Stream Source to Raw. The Raw stream source reduces image processing to a minimum in favor of higher frame rates. This means that the camera can generate up to 30 frames/s in UltraHD.


The resolution for each stream is set in the stream settings further down the page.


You will be able to select one stream up to 4K resolution from Stream 1 and 2. This stream must be set as the active stream as shown above. Stream 1 refers the Right image sensor and is designated as profile0. Stream 2 refers to the Left image sensor and is designated as profile1

The URL for this stream will be either of the following depending on which stream is active.

rtsp://:554/stream/profile0 or rtsp://:554/stream/profile1

The second stream will be selected from Stream 3 and 4. These streams are limited to Full HD when the camera is in Raw mode.

Stream 3 is the right image sensor and designated as profile2. Steam 4 is the left image sensor and designated as profile3. if you choose Stream 1 as the Right stream you will need to select Stream 4 as the Left stream.

Those URLs for the second stream are:

rtsp://Camera IP:554/stream/profile2 or rtsp://Camera IP:554/stream/profile3

ONVIF – It is also possible to separate the streams when you have activated the ONVIF integration protocol. The Stream Source must also be set to RAW and the camera restarted then the following URLs can be used for the independent ONVIF streams:

left rtsp://Camera IP:554/stream/onvif-default0
right rtsp://Camera IP:554/stream/onvif-default3

Mx6 Cameras and earlier

With cameras such as the S16 the only possibility to get separate streams is using the event stream URL in preview mode which is limited to VGA resolution. This is also only possible with a Motion JPeg stream.

http://Camera IP/cgi-bin/faststream.jpg?stream=full&preview&size=640x480&camera=right


http://Camera IP/cgi-bin/faststream.jpg?stream=full&preview&size=640x480&camera=left

Further Information on streaming with Mobotix cameras can be found in this article: