FrogDisplay - T26 Door station - Open Door

I am curious if the Frog display is dependent upon the MxDoorMaster, in order to open a door when connected to the Mx-T26-Door-Station.

is there a need for the door sensors to b e connected?

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No, you can use any output module.
FrogDisplay sends command to open ~Door, so anything that can be assigned to this contact can be used. Position sensors are not required.

Thank you so much for the response, Just to be clear the door master is not needed and the Frogger display will toggle the doorstation to open the door.

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It can depend on particular project. As door master adds security to system by providing backup power, and moving outputs away from doorstation and into secure side. But in basic terms you can easily make system work with camera+output module and frogdisplay.

Could you please show me How to use Frog display to open door.

You add camera trough video source menu by pressing “+” on top right corner.

After that you add camera using dialog, and select mobotix as door station.

To open the door you press and hold key icon to trigger ~Door signal, as described before.

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Thanks bro I will try !

I just have Frog Display and T26 . ( I dont have Mxdisplay )
So how can I trigger relay on FrogDisplay :smiley:

Neither FrogDisplay, nor T26 has any outputs. You’ll need aditional device (e.g. MX-OPT-IO1) to make this work.

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Thanks for your infomation !