Questions on "Cancelling signalling phases using other door position contacts"


I read the article Cancelling signalling phases using other door position contacts, thank you.

It seems it is not possible to ask questions as a follow up, so I start a conversation here, let me know if this is not what i was supposed to do.

If I have understood correctly the solution is to simulate a “door opened or closed” indication to the T25, and then trigger this simulation when the real door contact is changed. And then T25 behaves as if there was a real door contact connected.
Did i understand correctly?

If yes, then, would you mind please be a little bit more specific on the type of devices that I can use to do that? I have googled of course RS232-IO and DoorOpener but I’m not sure I got to the relevant devices.


Hi Thefa,
i just updated the main article and added the respective modules.

Thank you. I do have a doormaster module installed and in-use.
Is it going to be enough or I need on top an IO box module?

Yes, works to. Just be aware the Output 1 on the doormaster is reserved for internal door opener ynd you wll need output 2 for this.