Getting more Frames with T25 - recording outsourced

Hey guys,

ive got a T25 which is at this moment the only camera ive got in operation. Im planning to get some more “real” Mobotix Cams, but im still not very satisfied with the framerate.

I tried already alot, including some of the preset-settings and i ended up with outsourcing recording to free up more power for better framerate.

Depending on the setting “normal” or “fast” i get about 15-30 Hz Sensor and 1-4Hz Recording (values from the Mobotix-Overlay i created).
Unfortunately, with whatever i use to watch the feed or record, it only gets the 1-4Hz “recording” Framerate despite that Mobotix itself doesnt record anymore.

I dont know but i would assume that the camera should provide the same framerate for Sensor and Recording if the camera itself doesnt record anything.

Could somebody lead me the way to optimize the framerate which should be possible quite a bit?

Thanks alot