How do you make a Meta Event Alarm? I have an issue with Activity Sensor false alarms


I was getting a lot of false alarms when sunlight passed through the clouds. I then read on this forum that you can make reference windows and setup a logic / Meta Event to help.

You can read about this in the link below.

I decided to make a Meta Event but the issue is when I make a meta event, I need to have the Activity or Video motion windows activated in Image Analysis.

For example to make this as simple to understand. Say I want to make a Meta Event that only triggers If Video motion box 1 and Video Motion box 2 are both activated at the same time.

I would have to create video motion box 1 and 2 and enable them in Image Analysis Events. This would cause the alarm to go off if either box 1 or box 2 is triggered.

In this example how would I make a Meta Alarm to have box 1 and box 2 to only trigger if both boxes are triggered at the same time?

Is it possible to make a Meta Event with VM and AS boxes, and have those boxes inactive in Image Analysis events?