How to configure Mobile Server and add MOBOTIX HUB into the Mobile App without any special rights distribution

In this article you can see how to set up the Mobile Server and how to add the MxHub to the Mobile App.

1. Install Mobile Server

During the installation it must be noted that you install the Mobile Server as well.
Either on a PC in a single server installation or in a distributed system. Where exactly you install it is up to you.
The only important thing is that it can communicate with the ManagementServer.

After the installation of the ManagementServer, you can download the Mobile Server separately from the following link on the PC on which the ManagementServer is installed.

2. Check the Mobile Server Settings

ManagementClient → Servers → Mobile Servers

Enter a Servername for your MxHub Mobile Server
Select a Login Method: Automatic, Windows authentication, basic authentication

Enable the Features you want to use.

Click on Connectivity

The default URL to the MobileServer is: http://hostname:8081

You can configure a custom internet access for the Mobile server

You can change the MobileServer Ports as follow:

Right click on the MobileServer Icon
=> Show/Edit Port Number


Enter your new MobileServer Ports


3. Create a new Role for Mobile Access

→ ManagementClient → Security → Roles → Right Click → Add Role

It is important to have the right for: Mobile Client Login

Click on Users and Groups

Add the Users (Basic or Windows Users) to this Role by clicking on Add…

in this case we have created a new Basic User: app

Allow this Role to have access to the Mobile Server

Click on Overall Security → Mobile Servers

In this case the User only have the right to Read the Mobile Server

Click on Cameras and allow Full Control to see all cameras and have all permission to do.
(A more specific configuration of only have access to a number of cameras and views etc. will be described in other articles)

4. Install the MxHub Mobile App on your Smartphone device

Download and install the Mobile HUB App from the App Stores
iOS: AppStore
Android: Google PlayStore

5. Add your MOBOTIX HUB to the Mobile HUB App

Open the App and click on Add Server

The App will automatically search for MOBOTIX HUB System within your network

Select your MOBOTIX HUB and click on the hook in the upper right corner

Click on the “3 Points” right next to the favorite button (star) and click Edit

Enter your MOBOTIX HUB Mobile User which is included in the Mobile Role.

Click on save credentials to save the credentials. Otherwise you have to enter your login data every time.

You can select your MOBOTIX HUB as default server, you will login automatically when you start the app.

After saving this settings you will login into your MOBOTIX HUB and you can see all cameras.

By clicking on all cameras you can have a look into all your cameras wich are added into the MOBOTIX HUB.