How to create customized Views for the Mobile HUB App

To be able to view certain views in the HUB Mobile App, they must first be created in the HUB DeskClient and these views must subsequently be assigned to a user role that has access to the Mobile Server.

You can see how to configure this in the following article

1. Add a new View Group in ManagementClient

ManagementClient → Client → View Groups → Right Click → Add view group…

2. Set permission for the Mobile Role to have the right to Read this View Group

ManagementClient → Security → Roles → View Group

If you have create several View Groups you can decide what Group should this UserGroup have access to.

3. User Role need the right to read the Mobile Server

4. Disable Full Camera controll

5. Decide which cameras the customer may view

In the Role click on Device

Select the cameras which should be seen for this users and allow the full control or only specific rights

6. Edit the Mobile View Group in the HUB DeskClient

In this case I created 2 Views for the Mobile View Group. The Mobile User can now have a look into this 2 views. You can choose any view and layout and position the cameras as you need them.

I created the Views:
- Garden
- Street

7. Open the HUB Mobile App

Login with the User which have the permission to see the view group.

How to add the MOBOTIX HUB into the App can be seen in this article:

After the App starts you will have an overview of your created views.

by clicking on the first view, you will get only the cameras of this view.

by clicking on the second view, you will get only the cameras of this view.