How to correctly fit S15 / S16 Sensor Cables

General Rules for installing Sensor Cables:

  • Check if the cables are correct ones to connect the sensor module to the camera.
    Sensor module cables should not be confused with USB cables. Sensor module cables are always blue.

  • Do not stretch the cable: In some cases it might be necessary to use every centimeter of the sensor cable in order to reach the installation point. However the sensor cable should not be installed completely stretched. Pulling the cable might change the mechanical characteristics of the wires and damage the internal structure. This could result in noise and disturbance.

  • Do not overly bend the cable: As for ethernet cables and fiber optics, a wrong bend radius could degrade the performance or even mechanically damage the cable. Make sure that the bend radius is not smaller than 25 mm. Further info about bend radius are available at the following link:

  • Do not pinch the cable: If the space for the sensor cable is limited, be very careful to avoid pinching or squashing the sensor cable.

  • Always apply ferrite to both ends of the cable. This helps reduce noise and interference

  • Avoid installing the camera (body, cables, sensors) close to wireless devices as they may interfere with the serial communication that takes place between the sensor and the camera body.

Every time the camera image settings are changed, a new configuration is sent to the FPGA located within the sensor. If during this phase there are communication issues, the sensor may receive wrong information and this can lead to artifacts on the image (best case) or to no image at all (worse case).
Image settings do not only change when you actively access the camera to modify the configuration,but also when the camera automatically adapts to different illumination conditions.