How To Enable/ Disable Vaxtor App Based On Illumination ( Lux ) Via IP-Notify

Let’s suppose we want to enable/disable the app Vaxtor based on some event such as illumination…

So the IP notification will be the following:

A. From Admin → Edit, We shall search for the correct path for the App, as following…

In our case will be:


True ->> will be the parameter message used in the JSON Data Type while Creating the IP-Notify Profile…

From Admin Menu → IP Notify Profiles.

  1. Create a Profile for VAX AppON as following

Parameters will be:

  • IP Notify Type: HTTP/ HTTPS

  • Destination Address: Localhost / Parallel send to all

  • HTTP Method: Post

  • CGI-Path: /api/json/config/camera/plugin_manager/plugins/VaxALPR/active

  • Security / HTTP Schema: HTTPS

  • Authentication method: Your camera password

  • Notification Data: JSON

  • Message: True

  • Port Number: 0

  1. Create a Profile for VAX AppOff as following:

Parameters will similar to the above profile except changing the Message to " false ".

B. From Setup Menu → Text & Display Settings to show the Lux value on the live image…

Parameters are : $(SEN.LXR), $(SEN.LXL)

C. From Setup Menu → Event Overview → Environment Events, To create the Illumination" Lux " profiles. Configuration will be as following:

->> To disable the app if the illumination lower than value 5 for example…

->> To enable the app if the illumination higher than value 5 as well…

D. From Setup Menu → Action Group Overview, to Create Action Groups for trigger the events created…

We will Create 2 profile as following…

1 ->> Create Vax APP On profile…

Then select the action is IP-Notify Vax/on

2 ->> Create Vax APP off profile

Then select the action is IP-Notify Vax/off

P.S: Certified App Settings Arming Shall be active, To Activate navigate to setup Menu → Certified App Settings