[how to] – send variables from apps via ip-notify

In the below example, we will explain how to send variables from Apps ( in this case with Vaxtor LPR) via Ip-Notify using RAW TCP/IP.

This feature is available since firmware 7.3.1 using the following workaround via Events->Action->IPNotify Profile

  • enable Vaxtor App and Enable MxMessage
  • copy JSON Template in Reporting section also to MxMessage Template

Note 1 : do not use $image$ in template. IP Notify will truncate the messages after around 800 bytes.
Note 2 : You can find more variables here : Vaxtor ALPR ADR - Available variables to customize MxMessages / 3rd Party reporting - MOBOTIX 7 Certified Apps / Vaxtor Apps - MOBOTIX Community

  • add IP Notify profile in Admin Menu > IP Notify Profiles
    • Type: custom configuration
    • enter designated destination address and port
    • Data protocol: Raw TCP/IP
    • Data Type: Plain Text (<-- important, not JSON)
    • Message:


  • Open Setup Menu > Event Profile > Message Events

  • Add new Action Group in Setup Menu > Action Groups

    • select Message: VaxALPR event
    • adjust action dead time
    • add new action and select your IP Notify profile
  • Close + Store everything