How to export recodings from the MOBOTIX HUB DeskClient

In MxHub DeskClient, you can export the records you need in several ways.

You can either drag a time range manually using the mouse or set a time period manually.

Alternatively, you can also search for and export individual events via Search.

The MxHub supports several export formats which are also described in this article.

How to perform an export within the Playback Menu

→ MxHub DeskClient → Playback

1.Timeline Selection Mode

In the following Clip you can see how to set the Time Selection Mode:

2. Start/End Time Mode.

In the following Clip you can see how to set the Start/End Time Mode

How to perform an export within the Search Menu

→ MxHub DeskClient → Search

In the following Clip you can see how to perform an event search and how to export this event.

Export Formats

1.HUB format

With the Hub format you get the possibility to export recordings including metadata.

If you choose this export format, you will receive an MxHub DeskClient Player in addition to the exported recordings, which allows you to view the recordings from any PC and export them to a media player format afterwards.

After the export is completed, you will see an application in the Export order: DeskClient player.

If you double-click it, the DeskClient Player will open and you will be able to view the export


2. Media format

With the Media Player format you have the possibility to export the recordings in an AVI or MKV format.

3.Still image

With the Still Image format you get single JPEG files of the recording.
Depending on the frame rate it can be up to 30 FPS.