How to configure a Continous Recording in the MOBOTIX HUB

Normally, the MxHub is designed to trigger a recording when an event occurs.

However, there is a possibility to start a continuous recording as well

To implement continuous recording in the MxHub, you must proceed as follows.

You only need to set up a rule that specifies the continuous recording.

To do this, create a new rule under:

→ Rules and Events

→ Rules

=> Right click - Add Rule…

Name it: Continuous recording

  • In the first step select "Perform an action in a time interval"

→ Click: Next

  • Now select "Allways"
    (you can also select a time profile to set the continous recording only on a specific time range)

→ Click: Next

  • Now select "Start recording on < devices > "

Now click on "recording device"


  • Now select which of the cameras should perform continuous recording and click on Add

→ Click Next 3 times

Now the Rule for Continous Recording has been created.

→ Click Finish