How to show livestream only in a specific time range in MOBOTIX HUB DeskClient

In some projects, special users are only allowed to view the live image from the camera at certain times, but the recording should continue to function during this time.

This can be realized with the MxHub.

As an example, this would be as follows:

  • Recording 24/7
  • Live image may only be viewed by the Reception user from 15:00-15:30

You can see how you have to configure this in this article

MxHub ManagementClient

1.Create a Time Profile, which specifies the times of the live image

→ ManagementClient → Rules and Events → Time Profiles

Right Click: Add Time Profile…

Name: “Set a Name for the Time Profile” example: Livestream 15:00-15:30
Description: " Here you can decribe for what this Time Profile is for"

You can set a Single Time which only appears one time or a Recurring Time.
In this example we are using a Recurring Time.

Right Click into the Timefield: Add Recurring Time…

After you have configured that you can see your Time Profile:

2.Create a new User and a new Role
(In this example we are using a “Basic User”)

→ ManagementClient → Security → Basic Users

Right Click: Create Basic User…
Example: Reception

Basic User

→ ManagementClient → Security → Roles

Right Click: Add Role…

Set a Name: Reception

Click on: Users and GroupsAdd…Basic User

Select basic User

Click: Device

Select the Cameragroup or specific cameras which should be seen only in a specific time range of our time profile.

→ Select : Read
→ Select View Live and under this point select your time profile: Livestream 15:00- 15:30

MxHub DeskClient

Login into the MxHub DeskClient with the Reception User.

Create a View for this User and Drag&Drop the Cameras in the View:

Afterwards you can create another DeskClient Profile to revoke certain rights.

When the Rule will be activated, it looks like this: 15:00 Live image is displayed

When the Rule will be activated, it looks like this: 15:30 Live image is switched off