How to I find the Edit Preferences in windows MxManagement?

I want to change my recording path, and in order to do this I think I need to find “edit” “preferences”
but I can’t seem to find this anywhere?

Would anyone have an idea on where to find this?


Hello Edward,
to set the fileserver for a camera, first you need to create one in the components view under the tab “Fileserver”. And since version 2.7, you can set the fileserver for a certain camera in the same view, but under the tab “Cameras” and then “Recordings Settings”.

Hope this helps.

Yes, you are correct.

However, would you know how I can access the
File, Edit, View, Navigate

options at the top left corner as I want to change the Mxmanagement alarm volume and settings. I can’t seem to locate these anymore on the very top left corner as they are missing and I can’t change the MxManagement settings like alarm volume and notification settings.

Is there anyway to find these?

Hello Edward,

you mean the menue bar? On windows systems you can show/hide it by pressing the ALT button.
You can also access the preferences by using the shortcur “CTRL+ ,” .

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Thank you, it was the ALT key to bring this up. Finally after spending a very long time trying to figure out where this menu bar went.