Avaible Keywords for Vaxtor Apps


I’m searching the available Keywords to send JSON PUSH messages to my server.
Can somebody tell me where I can find the keywords?

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Hi @MartinHollenwger ,

Do you need specific variables here to send specific META data to your system?


Thanks for the answer. I would like to have at least the data that is available via the JSON Meta data form (<IP_ADDR>/api/json/message).
We will used the Container App.


HI @MartinHollenwger ,
here you can find an example of the JSON Meta Data:


Yes I have seen the possibility to request the JSON Metadata, what I want to do is to send the JSON Data to my server automatically. To do this I enabled The JSON POST reporting. This is working as expected for the “standard” keywords already present in the example, but I would like to add some additional information ( present in the META data file ). The Setup page is referring to a Manual, but the Manual I have (Mx_GL_Vaxtor_CON_App_2-03_EN_210625.pdf) seems to miss this keywords.

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Hi @MartinHollenwger ,

I do not have any list of available variables.
I have requested this from our PM and will get back to you as soon as I have the info.

Hello @MartinHollenwger ,

here you can find all possible variables:


$codeimage$ (Patch).,$codeimagesize$

$containercode$: Full code, includes all




































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