How to trigger the output on a MxDisplay


The article is aimed at setting up a MOBOTIX camera to trigger a device connected to the MxDisplay’s output.


The MxDisplay’s output can be triggered via the following URLs

  • Timer

http:// (username):(password)@(MxDisplay_IP_Address)/sigout.cgi?set=time&time=(Time_in_seconds)

  • On

http:// (username):(password)@(MxDisplay_IP_Address)/sigout.cgi?set=high

  • Off

http:// (username):(password)@(MxDisplay_IP_Address)/sigout.cgi?set=low

IP Notify triggered via an Action Group

Below is a full step by step on how to configure an IP Notify as a trigger and the Door Icon on MOBOTIX Software will trigger the Door Release.

  1. Set an output: Admin Menu > Assign Wires > Door Release Actuator

If there is no MxBus Module listed, the system will need to be “spoofed” by creating a “fake” output. This is done by connecting a non-existent device (such as RS232-IO-Box via USB) in Admin-Menu > Manage Hardware Expansions

  1. Admin Menu > IP Notify Profiles

Type: Custom Configuration
Destination: IP adress of the MxDisplay with Port 80
Protocol: HTTP/1.0 Request
Path: /sigout.cgi
Athentication: (User:Password of the MxDisplay)
Data Type: Plain text
Message: set=time&time=5

  1. Create a Signal Event:

Setup-Menu > Signal Events

Type: Signal Output
Pin: Device Out ~Door

  1. Create an Action Group

Setup-Menu > Action Group Overview

Event selection:(Signal Event created in Step 3)
Action 1: (IP Notify created in Set 2)