How to use Inputs of ONVIF Cameras in MOBOTIX HUB

The Mobotix HUB allows to use the physical inputs of an ONVIF camera.

How this has to be configured to use them e.g. for recording, you can see in this article

1) Check whether the camera is armed or whether the signal inputs on the camera side are working (depending on the camera manufacturer)

2) Add you ONVIF Camera into the MxHub

Add your ONVIF Camera via the ONVIF Device Driver into the MxHub

3) Activate the Input of your ONVIF Camera

ManagementClient → Recording Servers → Select your Recording Server → Expand your camera → Right Click on Input 1 → Enabled

Click on Events and the Add

You can choose between Input Rising Event and Input Falling Event.

When you only need a short contact you have to choose both.

Otherwise when only using Input Rising Event, the Input of the MxHub will be allways activated and not opened anymore

4) Check the functionality

=> Input Activated

=> Input Deactivated

5) Create a Rule to use the Inputs

In this example we trigger an Recording when Input is activated (Input Rising Events) and stop the recording when Input is deactivated (Input Falling Event)