Image stream can flicker in the Mobile App under IOS Mobile APP

Image in MOBOTIX HUB Mobile iOS app streams suffers from flickering. There are troubleshooting steps available.


In some cases, with the MOBOTIX HUB Mobile app for iOS you might see flickering in the stream. Camera streams will show little gaps in the image flow.


This behaviour is only with the IOS Mobile APP and not observed in the MOBOTIX HUB Web Client, or in the MOBOTIX HUB Mobile app for Android. The issue is a consequence of the way the iOS app retrieves streams from the Mobile Server when Direct Streaming is enabled.

Whilst the Web Client and Mobile app for Android defaults to transcoded/adaptive streams and only switches to Direct Streaming when sufficient bandwidth and decoding performance is available, the MOBOTIX HUB Mobile iOS app defaults to Direct Streaming without first checking these.

This can cause bottlenecks in the communication, in particular when using 4K high bandwidth cameras, when there’s limited 3G/4G connectivity, or when a high number of simultaneous clients are connected.


To resolve this issue you need to disable Direct Streaming from the MOBOTIX HUB Mobile Server settings.

In your MOBOTIX HUB Management Client → navigate to Mobile Servers → select your Mobile Server and in the Performance tab, uncheck :white_large_square: the Enable direct streaming option.
(But do leave the Enable adaptive streaming option checked :ballot_box_with_check:!)



Once you disable Direct Streaming, restart your MOBOTIX HUB Mobile Server service and the flickering issue should stop from appearing.