T26 Could not Add Push Notification


For many months I’ve been having issues with the Live App on iPhone running the most current IOS currently 14.5 connected to a T26

It works ok on Wifi

On mobile data its stops working after a few days . Maybe 7 days. With the error Could not Add Push Notification. If I restart the iPhone it works.

The T26 is not set to auto reboot.

Hoping someone can help ?

Many thanks

Hello @mhornsby ,

this message appears when the connection to the T26 is lost and the MxLive APp can not connect to that camera.

However, we recommend the auto-restart, so that the internal buffer is always emptied and cannot fill up.

Thanks for your reply. I just rebooted the T26 and it is not able to connect to Mobotix Live App. It has the same error.

Shutting down the Mobotix Live App on the iPhone doesn’t fix the issue. Only rebooting the iPhone will fix it.

When Mobotix Live App is not working on the phone I can browse to the external IP and port of the camera. But the App cannot access the camera.

Could it be a bug wth the App. Is there some further troubleshooting I can do ?


So you don’t get a livestream in the MxLive app either?

It is possible that the event stream required for MxLive is blocked.

Is a special firewall installed in your network?
Which mobile provider are you using?

No live stream.

Moble provider is Telstra

There is a firewall but on my mobile phone I can use the web browser to connect to the IP address and port used by the App so that would suggest there’s nothing blocking the network access. When I do this test Wifi is off and so its using mobile data.

And know if I restart the mobile phone it will start working and will work for a week or so and then stop working.

thats really strange.

it could be that the access to the webbrowser works but not in the MxLive, because there are two different ways how to get the Livestream.

But we do not heard anything about this issue at all.

Please get in contact with our international support, they will pick up this issue for further clarification.

Hallo, ich bekomme seit ein paar Tagen keine Push-Benachrichtigung auf mein Handy wenn jemand klingelt. Ich habe iOS-Geräte. Wenn ich unter Test der Netzwerkkonfiguration einen Test der Push-Benachrichtuing ausführe kommt folgender Fehler: Versenden der Netzwerkmeldung schlug fehl. Fehler Nr. 101: "push notification failed (rcode=1) ".
Ich habe die Benachrichtigung in der App schon mal deaktiviert und wieder aktiviert gab aber keine Besserung.

Gleiches Problem hier auch.
Genauere Schilderung habe ich hier eingestellt : MobotixLive Ports- Firewall Konfiguration - #2 by ub99

Hallo @Emanuel
momentan existiert ein erhebliches Problem beim versenden der Push-Notification.
Wir arbeiten hierbei mit Hochdruck an einer Lösung/Fix.

Dies wird in einer kommenden Firmware der Kamera gelöst sein, jedoch ist noch nicht klar, wann diese genau erscheinen wird.

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Ich wollte nur anmerken, dass dies aber wohl ein Problem iswt, das nicht nur die T26 betrifft. Bei meiner S15 das gleiche Problem. Allerdings nur bei IOS-Geräten, bei Android gehen die Push-Nachrichten


I also have this issue with Push Notifications since Sat 15th ( Sydney Australia TZ )
I am writing this and following this ticket in the hope I will get informed when it’s fixed.

Good luck on the fix


Die Problematik sollte in diesem Fall bereits gelöst sein. Interne Tests waren hierbei erfolgreich.

Gerne können Sie die Funktion der Push Notification erneut testen.

Ja läuft wieder. Danke

This issue was resolved for several days but in the last few days the push notifications are again not working.

Using the Test Current Network Config the test notifiction to a device displays a “success” message but the notification is never received on the device in Mobotix Live. I tried several devices.

I did a re-boot of the T26 and ran test again and the notification went thru and was received in Mobotix Live app. Hooray !

It seems some “connection” is lost and the reboot fixes this.

Should the T26 be rebooted periodically and is there a procedure to do this automatically?


Hello @Zorro ,

in some cases there could be an issue when the smartphone device is in stand by mode.
We hope we can release a new firmware in the next weeks to prioritize the push notification much more, so that this is working well.

The T26 has a preconfigured weekly reboot in the time task.
You can customize this rule like you want.

If you are very dependent on the notifications to be sent to your (iOS) device you could trigger an additional notification message e.g. by using “pushcut”. With this App at least in pro version you get a direct https URL (with a “secret”) which you just need to call from within the Mobotix Camera

This makes it at least very easy to have redundancy concerning the push notification service.
However, if there is an issue with your camera reliably sending notifications, this might not help.

If someone is interested in the correct settings for “pushcut” to work with a T26 ring button I can provide some more details. It’s quite simple and I want to use this service now for more features in combination with my camera, e.g. triggering my VPN on Demand on my iOS devices when someone rings the bell and I confirm the notification. Just one use-case.

Hey @ub99 this is an interesting topic forme. Happy to hear more either through this forum or DM charleszorro@me.com if moderator beleives it’s not of general interest. Cheers

Hi @Zorro,

will get in touch by Email with screenshots etc.


Hooking in here again as I need some Mobotix support e.g. from @Mx-MaikC for an issue I experience with pushcut.

Pushcut works great and @Zorro also set it up successfully. You will receive a pre-defined notification triggered by a Webhook URL which is added to the IP Notify section in the camera. With pushcut you can configure several actions based on the notification.

BUT: While I have defined a ring duration of 20s which worked fine so far, once I add the pushcut notification to the bell, the ring duration is only 1-2 seconds and then ringing is stopped (on the other “ringing targets” like my FritzFon and my MxDisplay).

I have a guess for the root cause but need some support here: Pushcut - once the Webhook URL has been called by the camera - sends a success message and I fear that the success message, once received by the T26, triggers the stop of the ringing. How can I overcome this?

Settings in IP Notify are HTTPS and GET method for the Webhook URL (which is very simple /secretkey/notifications/Haustuere) which then triggers the pushcut notification to be sent to the smartphone (what was intended). “secretkey” is an individual “code” generated by pushcut for uniqueness of the Webhook URL to be associated with my pushcut account.

Hello @ub99 ,

If you send a network message via the concierge (ringing behavior and video mailbox) (as a remote station) the ringing signaling is automatically terminated when the network message has been successfully sent and received.

This is not the case with a push network message.

In order to keep the ring signaling running for an MxDisplay or a SIP call, the network message does not have to be sent via the concierge, but separately by an action group.

In other words: MxDisplay + SIP => Concierge
Network message => action group

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