Interconnect - Cost-efficient coordination of security operations across multiple locations

MOBOTIX HUB Interconnect is a unique solution that makes it possible for organizations with distributed MOBOTIX HUB surveillance installations to unite their individual
systems into a single, centrally operated and managed system. With MOBOTIX HUB L5 as the central hub (IMPORTANT), MOBOTIX HUB Interconnect connects any MOBOTIX HUB VMS product. Customers can select the optimum solution for securing each local site,
while benefiting from the comprehensive functions of MOBOTIX HUB L5.

In today’s connected world, business, organizations and institutions often operate across multiple locations. This is common, for instance, for retail chains, financial institutions, corporations with different manufacturing sites, educational institutions and government bodies. With geographical distribution comes the challenge of efficiently coordinating
security operation across individual locations, which often proves to be both costly and difficult.

MOBOTIX HUB Interconnect is the ideal solution for organizations that want to coordinate their security operations across many sites. It is a powerful and flexible way of integrating cost- efficient MOBOTIX HUB surveillance solutions at the local edge site, in one cohesive and powerful security solution, based on the advanced surveillance functions in MOBOTIX HUB L5.

Interconnect Feature Brief

Secure locally
Designed for geographically dispersed installations with many smaller locations, MOBOTIX HUB Interconnect builds on the idea of a tiered surveillance architecture. In this setup the local premises and branch offices are covered by their own dedicated MOBOTIX HUB surveillance solution.
The particular solution selected depends on the size and operational needs in the specific location. Local sites can be optimized for available budget and local security needs. The
local edge systems can be operated and administrated by local staff, as if they were independent standalone systems.

Connect seamlessly
Local edge systems can easily be connected to a central monitoring hub based on MOBOTIX HUB L5. Once connected, cameras, audio devices and other security components in the local edge system are seamlessly available to security personnel in the central operation hub, as if they had been connected directly to the central system. This offers central MOBOTIX HIUB L5 system users seamless access to live and
recorded video and audio, regardless of the type of interconnected system.

Manage centrally
The primary motivation for centralizing security operation across geographically dispersed sites is operation gains and savings. MOBOTIX HUB Interconnect boosts the operational
efficiency in two areas:
• Optimized security operation
• Optimized system administration

Optimized security operation
Staging a full 24/7/365 manned security operation across a large number of locations can be a very costly, unless it can be centralized. The result of this is often a compromise
between security level and costs.

With MOBOTIX HUB Interconnect real-time monitoring, virtual patrolling and incident responses can be centralized covering all interconnected locations. Drawing upon the advanced security tools in MOBOTIX HUB L5 such as maps, alarm manager and bookmarks, security operators have instant and full control of interconnected systems.
Noteworthy savings can also be made in the investigation and video evidence collection of incidents, which can be done centrally, without the need to go on-site to do video exports.

Optimized system operation and maintenance
System administrators responsible for administration of the distributed surveillance solution also benefit from MOBOTIX HUB Interconnect. Propagation of system and camera error events from the edge systems to the central hub system makes it possible to proactively manage distributed installations consisting of hundreds of interconnected sites.
The ability to manage and configure local edge systems remotely from the central operations hub reduces the need for on-site visits and local personnel with system administration

Manage video recordings across locations
A distinct advantage with MOBOTIX HUB Interconnect is the possibility to choose where video is stored. MOBOTIX HUB Interconnect offers the following principal video storage

A number of factors influence which storage architecture is most suitable. It is beneficial for installations with fast and stable network connections to use either local storage or
centralized storage, only. Using local edge-based storage has the benefit of not loading the network with traffic unless the recorded video is needed, while central storage can be the
better solution when the recorded video is used often for investigations and video exports

Hybrid - the flexible storage architecture
The hybrid storage architecture builds on the principle that video is stored in the remote edge system initially. The central system can subsequently retrieve specific video recordings via
manual requests, as a part of an investigation, or automatically, initiated by events and time schedules.

The hybrid architecture offers flexible storage handling with a number of significant advantages. The most obvious advantage with the two-tiered storage architecture is the
ability to use the central system as a backup and long-term storage for the remote edge systems. Another advantage is the ability to optimize network use, by controlling if and when
recordings are sent across the network and uploaded to the central system. This is of particular importance when the remote edge systems are connected via slow and intermittent connections.

Connection across intermittent connections
One of the main challenges linking video operations together across larger distances is network connectivity, which needs to be both plentiful and reliable. This is, for example, the case when connecting remote retail stores across consumer-grade broadband connections, or when connecting mobile on-board vehicle systems for public transportation, ferries, police or military vehicles across wireless cellular networks.
MOBOTIX HUB Interconnect architecture is reliable during planned or unplanned interruptions in the connectivity between the central and remote edge systems. Any interconnected system will automatically reconnect to the central system once the
connectivity is re-established after an interruption. There fore, there is no need for operators to take any manual action. Any scheduled, or ongoing, video retrieval is similarly resumed automatically when the system is reconnected. This makes MOBOTIX HUB Interconnect an ideal solution in installations where interruptions are planned and expected.