When should I use MOBOTIX HUB Federated Architecture and when MOBOTIX HUB Interconnect


In Interconnect you can connect the MOBOTIX HUB with different MOBOTIX HUB products to each other, for example you can connect your MOBOTIX HUB L5 site to your MOBOTIX HUB L2 site where as in MOBOTIX HUB federated architecture you connect MOBOTIX HUB L5 sites to each other and a MOBOTIX HUB L4 Site as Remote Site.

In federated architecture each site is a separate complete site that is connected to each other and they need to be part of the same network domain.
Basic users will not work in MOBOTIX HUB Federated Architecture and you need to only use domain users.

In general Mobotix recommends MOBOTIX HUB Federated Architecture when:

  • The network connection between the central and federated sites is stable.
  • The network uses the same domain.
  • There are fewer larger sites.
  • The bandwidth is sufficient for the required use.

Mobotix recommends MOBOTIX HUB Interconnect when:

  • The network connection between the central and remote sites is unstable.
  • You or your organization want to use another MOBOTIX HUB product on the remote sites.
  • The network uses different domains or workgroups.
  • There are many smaller sites.
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Overview Table difference between Federated and Interconnect:

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