IOS Continuous Alarm/notification till answered - MX Bell

Firstly it has been a while since i been back at the Mobotix forums and am loving the change here! Looks like it is actually monitored way more and alot more info.It has motivated me to get things finished off with all my HA - Payed all this $ and not even using quarter of the tech we have.

I Have a T25 with Keypad/RFID.

2 IOS (Iphone IOS12.01)
2 Apple Watch 3 (WOS 5.x)
1 Android TAB (4.5.x?)

I’d like to - when the bell button is pressed have the remote devices Alarmed until one of them Answers the notification.

Is this Possible?

I do have persistent notifications but this only alerts once then not for another 30 seconds - so the visitor could be waiting at the door for ages and think on-one is home.

Wife is concerned that the single notification will mostly go unanswered and would like it extended somehow.

Hope someone has some ideas of how this could be achieved.


Hi Tom,
At the moment no I’m sorry
The notification from a T25 on a belldoor is a music Jingle on MxBELL App (iOS and Android) of almost 7 second (is a normal push notification like WhatsApp which stays on the home screen of the smartphone but the sound cannot remain active till the customer open the door. (Otherwise this could disturb the customer which could be busy and doesn’t want the phone ringing for a long time)
If you use MxAPP (only for iOS) instead the notification is not a push notification but uses the mobotix event stream and you need to keep the app alive in background to receive it but also in this case the sound have a dead time.

If you want to notify the guest that nobody answered at the door you can set an automatic response from T25 directly from the integrated speaker after a dead time.

“Mr. XXX is not at home please leave a message” . In this way the guest can leave a message on the mailbox and the owner can listen to it when he will back at home.

Hope it can helps you best regards

use this app
missed notifications reminder