MxMC Doorstation Notification Work Around

MxMC Doorstation Notification Work Around

This is an emergency work around for those times when you can´t get the normal signalling from the T26 working with MxMC and time is running out.

  1. Activate MxMC Remote Control in File > Preferences > Remote Control
  2. set user and password
  3. Make sure SSL is deactivated

Create IP Notify in camera Admin Menu > Transfer Profiles > IP Notify Profiles using this format…

IP Notify Type: Custom Configuration

Destination Address: MxMC IP:57536

Transfer Protocol: HTTP/1.0 Request

CGI Path: /alarm

HTTP Authentication: user:password

Notification Data: Plain Text

Message: ip=Camera IP&sound=ring (Can also use dingdong or other sound from MxMC)

  1. Go to Admin Menu > Video Door Station > Bell Behaviour and Video Mailbox
  2. Select this new IP Notify and click Add Select Device to move it up to Remote Stations Box. Be sure to make sure it is selected in the appropriate Signalling Phase.

This will cause an alarm popup from the T26 in MxMC along with a ringing or bell sound when the T26 bell button is pressed. The customer can click on this popup to open the camera and then use the normal audio and door open options from the live view page.

*you may need to make a firewall exception for the port you are using to signal

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