Mxbell and iOS 12


Since upgrading my iPhone to iOS 12 my Mxbell app refuses to start. When clicking on the icon the screen goes black and dumps back to the home screen. I’ve tried deleting the app (including all data) and reinstalling, restarting the phone, restoring the phone and upgrading now from iOS 12.0 to 12.0.1 but nothing allows the app to run.

I tested MxApp but and that runs fine on iOS 12 but obviously doesn’t do notifications for my T25 doorstation.

My wife’s phone (still on iOS 11.4.1) is working fine.

Is MxBell tested/compatible with iOS 12? Any suggestions for getting it to run?


Should have said- i’m trying to run the latest version of MxBell- 2.0.1 which is the only version available in the app store.


There is a known issue with iOS 12. If a slider in the “Accessibility” section is activated for the user in the general settings of the iPhone, the app crashes during the startup process. This happens ALWAYS when the “Speak screen content” slider in the “Speech output” section is activated.

The workaround or the solution for the moment is to deactivate “Speak screent”

Thank you! I’ve just turned the option off (I don’t use it anyway) and can confirm the app now starts and runs as before.

Many thanks for the rapid help. I’m loving the MxBell app by the way!

Out of interest is the app now considered feature complete or are there still plans to add additional features over time?

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MxBell is considered under active devlopment. Therefore it is likely that future features will be added in time. To what extent is not clear at the moment

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• iOS 8 or higher, Android 4.4 or higher
• MOBOTIX IP Video Door Station (P3/PXA320) with Firmware or higher (for Push notification)
• MOBOTIX IP camera (P3/PXA320) with Firmware 4.4.x or higher (only live image, no Push notification)
• MOBOTIX IP camera (Mx6) with Firmware 5.0.x or higher (only live image, no Push notification)

In local mode on Iphone ioS 12 I have a padlock instead of the picture. The parameters (local IP) are identical to those of my Android that works ?
Finally a simple password error